May 16, 2005

Master Sergeant of the Universe

Michele Malkin suggests that former Army Sgt. Erik Saar may be the possible senior government official Newsweek had as its source for the Koran desecration story. But are the journalists at Newsweek so ignorant of military affairs that a former sergeant can be considered a senior administration official? Or is it possible they inflated the source to make him more important and that's why he cannot now be burned?

If Mr. Saar is the source, he deserves all the opprobrium that can be heaped upon him. I have no idea if Mr. Saar was Mr. Isikoff's source, but if Ms. Malkin and others don't have evidence of this they ought to back off now or they will be just as guilty of spreading hurtful rumors and innuendo as Newsweek has been, albeit with only one person's reputation having been destroyed instead of fifteen having been killed. But please tell me this isn't just a matter of degree.

DOWNDATE: I think it's Alzheimers. Either that or I had John Singer on my mind.

Posted by Charles Austin at May 16, 2005 09:28 PM

Please spell it SERGEANT when spelled out rather than abbreviated......Mr. might be more appropriate for anyone who was separated before retirement (i.e. Sergeant, USA (Ret)).

Posted by: Bob Taylor at 03:06 PM

You know, I had it spelled like that, ran a spell checker and it changed it. I will restore to the original (correct) spelling.

Posted by: charles austin at 05:36 PM