May 14, 2005



I actually discovered this in my bathroom this morning.

Posted by Charles Austin at May 14, 2005 06:32 PM

Really? Does the scent make you feel like you've achieved nirvana?

Posted by: gwilliams at 12:47 PM

My heavens, no. I reached nirvana long before I discovered anything that smelled like teen spirit.

Posted by: charles austin at 03:04 PM

The stars are out tonight! Come for drinks, buffet dinner and dancing. This is a DON'T miss party.


Benefiting Good Counsel Homes which serves women and their children in crisis pregnancy situations.

Peggy Noonan and Ambassador Faith Whittlesey

Honorary Co-chairmen Larry Kudlow & Sean Hannity

Black tie

Friday , June 3, 2005
8:00 pm - 12 midnight

New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South
New York City

Order tickets here NOW - limited space!

Posted by: J. Mark English at 03:48 PM

J. Mark English, you go straight to Spam Hell!

Ball for Life? Is that supposed to be funny or something? Oh, I see Sean Hannity is involved. Never mind.

Posted by: charles austin at 05:58 PM