April 11, 2005

Rush Is Wrong

Driving to the airport today I heard about ten minutes of Rush Limbaugh's show, during which he wailed about the Left rewriting the US Constitution. Alas, Rush is 180 degrees out of phase here.

The process for amending the US Constitution is well documented and has been exercised repeatedly to bring about significant changes that have had wide support in the populace at the time they were passed. If there isn't a significant, broad consensus across the country to pass an amendment to the US Constitution, it is impossible to get enough votes in Congress and across the requisite number of state legislatures to make it a new basis for the law of the land. I desperately welcome the Left trying to rewrite the US Constitution, since the ideas they are currently promulgating have about as much a chance of making it into the US Constitution as an armadillo in Texas has of outsmarting Dan Rather, or something like that.

Now, if we can just get the judiciary to stick to the what's actually in the US Constitution...

Posted by Charles Austin at April 11, 2005 09:50 PM