April 07, 2005

The Most Credible Antiwar, Anti-Iraq Critic Globally

Who else, but history's greatest monster?

"The White House is making a blunder by not having Jimmy Carter come with them," said Douglas Brinkley, author of the Carter biography, "The Unfinished Presidency." "Carter has taken a real tilt leftwards. He's the most credible antiwar, anti-Iraq critic globally, and I just don't think Bush and Rice really feel like being in his company."

Well, this ought to prevent the anti-Iraq crowd from being taken seriously, given who there most credible mouthpiece turns out to be.

But for fun, go read the whole article and learn how a formal invitation offered by letter doesn't count because it wasn't offered in spirit as well. Or how Jimmy Carter himself says there is no issue about his not attending the Pope's funeral, even though everyone around him continues to insist that there is. Or how unnamed sources say that the White House is telling the truth, but not the whole truth.

My God, what the hell is wrong with these people. Even the Pope's death is an opportunity to try and score political points. Of course, not even Jimmy C's crew goes quite so far as Bill Clinton:

En route to Rome, Clinton told reporters the pope “centralized authority in the papacy again and enforced a very conservative theological doctrine. There will be debates about that. The number of Catholics increased by 250 million on his watch. But the numbers of priests didn't. He's like all of us - he may have a mixed legacy.”

Yeah Bill, you and the Pope are on the same moral plane. It really is all about you, isn't it Bill?

Posted by Charles Austin at April 7, 2005 11:25 AM

"He's like all of us -"
No, I'm sorry Bill. He's not like you at all.

Posted by: Jon at 01:24 PM

"Carter has taken a real tilt leftwards."

Thank you, Captain Obvious. I wonder how that translates to "credible."

("He's like all of us" is just too funny to even touch. I want to put it on a nice velvet cushion and stare at it and giggle.)

Posted by: Tanya at 03:07 PM

Yeah Bill, he's just like the rest of us all right, pulling his pants off one leg at a time to, uh, minister to the young and confused. Especially the young.

Posted by: charles austin at 03:30 PM

And don't overlook the fact that those are Jimmy's friends who are saying he's listing dangerously to port.

Posted by: charles austin at 03:33 PM

Those kinds of friends probably still think he's listing dangerously starboard.

Posted by: Tanya at 10:50 AM