April 02, 2005

Oh Yeah

About that Presidential Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction, I mean, it's not like everyone else in the government was on the ball when it came to terrorism:

Tipped they may have missed evidence a decade ago, FBI agents searched the former home of convicted Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols and found blasting caps and other explosive materials apparently related to the 1995 attack, officials said Friday. FBI officials said the material was found buried in a crawl space of the house in Herington, Kan., which wasn't checked by agents during the numerous searches of the property during the original investigation of Nichols and Timothy McVeigh.

Agent Johnson 1 in 1995: "Hey Chet, whould we check out this crawlspace?"
Agent Johnson 2 in 1995: "Nah, they'd never hide anything down there. It looks kinda icky and full of spiders."

Posted by Charles Austin at April 2, 2005 12:33 AM

I live for crawlspace stories.

Posted by: Helen W at 12:56 AM

The FBI never found any fully automatic weapons or explosives at the Branch Davidian Compound (the reason for the raid). When they realized they would have to search the crawlspace they got so mad they had Wesley Clark burn the place down. Too bad the Davidians children were in the crawlspace and not WMD's.

Posted by: Beto Ochoa at 08:34 AM

The connection of Nichols to the Phillipines and his travel their . . . I believe there is a connection between Oklahoma City bombing and terror. The FBI couldn't find their butt . . .

Posted by: Gary E. Hill at 10:08 AM