April 02, 2005

If I Had Done It When I Held a Security Clearance I Would Have Went to Jail

I guess it's good to be a friend of Bill:

Former national security adviser Sandy Berger, who once had unfettered access to the government's most sensitive secrets, pleaded guilty Friday to sneaking classified documents out of the National Archives, then using scissors to cut up some of them.

And it's only a stadium full of voters in Ohio that kept him from perhaps being Secretary of State. What the hell is this? France?

Posted by Charles Austin at April 2, 2005 12:18 AM

Absolutely ludicrous! This is another example of the corruption that still plagues our government. READ: Mostly Democrat corruption, which plagues, etc.

I was just explaining today to my wife that the Dems can be thanked for:

Starting more wars
Hooking up with more mobsters
Supporting more racists (e.g. Sen Byrd)
Enlarging taxes
Enlarging government (presumably to have more jobs to offer their stooges)

I then pointed out that the Dems supported the two failed international bodies (the League of Nations and the UN)

AND, the Dems were the party of "machine politics" in terms of Tammany Hall and the Chicago Daly, machine.

They are only so hideous that the party may actually vanish in the next twenty years or so (I'm actually predicting that some of the time).

Chris Tune

Posted by: Chris Tune at 12:42 AM

Concur yr analysis!
I served proudly on our island just south of the NorK border, between tyranny and freedom. It was an obscure post, but our link in the intel chain was important, and if I had even LEFT A DRAWER OPEN or BOOK UNSIGNED, I'd have gone to jail bigtime!

I want Berger to burn! His brazen contempt for America's security is a deep affront to all Americans who DID respect our Constitution and our laws!

Posted by: Carridine at 04:03 AM

Same thing happened with John Deutch, although he wasn't deliberately destroying docs like Sandy to cover his butt. He just loved his Macs too much. I suppose rank has it privileges.

Next question ought to be, but won't, what was on those copies Sandy was destroying.

Posted by: Kevin Murphy at 12:38 PM