April 02, 2005

No True Scotsman... Fallacy

Welcome to the un-freaking believable EU:

EUROPEAN bureaucrats will push forward legislation today to force the Scottish Executive to change place-names that offend or discriminate on the grounds of race and gender. In a move the Nationalists described as the "ultimate madness in political correctness", it has taken only a quorum of four Euro commissioners from Italy, Germany, France and Spain to redraw Scotlandís map.

Where's William Wallace when you need him? Especially on April 1.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 2, 2005 12:07 AM

Are you sure this wasn't an April Fool's post?
Its too foolish to be true.

Posted by: fred at 01:19 PM

That's why I finished with, "Especially on April 1."

Posted by: charles austin at 10:02 AM