March 21, 2005

Adventures in Headline Writing

Four given life for New Year killings

Too bad Terri Schiavo can't kill someone right now. Of course, any of these four bastards would be a good place to start:

Four gangsters have been jailed for life for machine-gunning two teenage girls outside a New Year party, a murder spree which prompted a wave of revulsion against gun crime. A judge at Leicester Crown Court on Monday recommended that Michael Gregory, 23, Nathan Martin, 26, and Marcus Ellis, 24, -- a half brother of one of the victims -- serve a minimum of 35 years each in prison. A fourth man, 20-year-old Rodrigo Simms, should serve at least 27 years, the judge said.

But that is a rather unusual definition of "life", in't it guvnor?

Posted by Charles Austin at March 21, 2005 06:06 PM

Speaking of life and killing...

Like Ms Noonan, I have a hard time understanding the folks who appear eager for Mrs. Schiavo to die and whose first impulse is to criticize those attempting to do something to help her. I can come up with explanations, but most of them are pretty depressing if not down right chilling.

Posted by: Jon at 11:51 AM