March 19, 2005

The Angry Left Just Can't Handle the Truth

If we can't be trusted to tell the truth on the meaningless little stuff:

Tens of thousands of anti-war protesters demonstrated across Europe on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, with 45,000 Britons marching from London's Hyde Park past the American Embassy to Trafalgar Square.

British elections expected in May lent an added charge to the largest protest, in London, where Prime Minister Tony Blair's staunch backing of the war has diminished his base of support.

Police said about 45,000 demonstrators participated in a march; organizers put the number at 100,000.

How can we trust you on the big things?

Posted by Charles Austin at March 19, 2005 07:47 PM

I don't trust any of them. Even when "WRONG!!!" jumps up and bites them square in the ass, they refuse to admit it and still go protest.

Pathetic people, in MY humble opinion.

Posted by: Acidman at 12:45 PM

I think the organizers put the number at 100,000 because they were 95% sure there were somewhere between 8,000 and 198,000 people there.

Posted by: dorkafork at 04:21 PM