March 18, 2005

Maybe I Should Have Put Some Money On It

My bracket went 15-1 today with the only blemish Cincinnati beating Iowa. But watching Illinois is proving very stressful.

Well, technically, I have five entries in ESPN's contest:

Kirkwood Illiniwek: 14-2
Kirkwood Illlini: 13-3
St. Louis Illini: 13-3
St. Louis Illinois: 13-3
St. Charles Austin: 15-1

Not too bad considering the necessity of picking a few upsets. That last one has me tied for 6,852nd place. FWIW, Joe Lunardi is 10-6 after day 1.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 18, 2005 12:12 AM

Guess your bracket is not doing so well with

(those undeserving so and so's!)

Next up, the mighty Huskies of UConn.

Hope the Illini pick it up a notch, or they'll be booking a charter back to Chambana.

Posted by: MarcV at 05:42 PM

My brackets not doing quite as well today, btu I might stll finish 14-2 for the day. We'll see.

I watched NC State win today and I wasn't really sure whether NC State was really good or Charlotte was really bad. NC State had almost nothing but layups in the second half. At some point, you have to adjust your defense and make them hit from the outside, but Bobby Lutz never did. Tough next game though.

As for Illinois, the have shown a tendency to play at the level of their competition for most of the year. They'll be ok. Don't make me remind you about the only time Illinois faced an ACC team this year. :)

Posted by: charles austin at 06:38 PM