February 13, 2005


I can't stand the Emmy's, the Grammy's or the Oscars (or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards if you prefer). While there is virtue in recognizing and rewarding excellence, especially through the development and definition of standards for excellence, I cannot stomach what each of these attempts to reward excellence in the entertainment industry have become with the incessant preening, rapidly multiplying bogus categories, the special brand of entertainment industry politics, and, worst of all, making the cult of celebrity ever more accessible to a large number of morally challenged intellectual lightweights.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to get to is that I have no interest whatsoever in any blogging awards. I do not participate in the polls and I have no interest whatsoever in trying to win any of them. Of course, I never will win any blogging awards anyway, but that's besides the point. Reading the commentary surounding some of the blogging awards out there leads me to believe that there is little difference between where the entertainment industry is today and where the blogosphere is heading, at least with respect to any awards.

That is all.

DOWNDATE: (Ed. -- I guess that wasn't all after all.) Did I mention how much I despise the Grammys?

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton won the second Grammy Award of his career on Sunday, when he was honored in the spoken word category for his best-selling memoir "My Life."

Clinton, who was not present to accept his award at the Los Angeles Convention Center, also won a Grammy last year in the spoken word for children category. His wife, U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, won a spoken word Grammy in 1997 for her memoir "It Takes A Village."

Posted by Charles Austin at February 13, 2005 12:56 AM

Hear hear! Some of my favorite blogs became unreadable and avoidable because they turned into nothing but a "vote for me!" blegathon. I can't stand that crap. I stated my views on the subject here.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:04 AM

Blog awards = spirit stick in jr. high school.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 10:23 AM

What really triggers MY gag reflex is the insipid acceptance speech when somebody wins "Best Gaffer" or "Best Actor in the Role of Nasty Thug at the Bar."

I don't know whether to reach for duct tape or a pistol. JUST SHUT THEM UP!!!!

Posted by: Acidman at 03:52 PM

“leads me to believe that there is little difference between where the entertainment industry is today and where the blogosphere is heading”

Oh MY GOD—Joan Rivers is going to videoblog the awards!

Posted by: jim at 05:16 PM