February 12, 2005

The Running Man

Damn, I may have to rethink my opposition to changing the US Constitution so that Arnold can run for president:

In a fiery speech to Republican faithful Friday evening, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ridiculed Democrats as wasteful spending "addicts" who have been taking "sleeping pills," and he characterized California's problems as stemming from "evil."

I can only imagine how Harry Reid would cringe and whinge if Arnold starting laying into him.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 12, 2005 09:20 AM

Not me. I would like to see the Constitutional requirements for POTUS remain the same. It is refreshing, in many ways, to see Ah-nald as Gov of California. However, I would probably have a hard time supporting him for President. If Schwarzenegger was actually running for POTUS, I would be taking a good look at who the Dems nominated. Maybe by that time the Dems will have Move[d]On from their juvenile "Dean phase" and nominate a decent candidate. I would not want to break with tradition and sit out a presidential election.

Posted by: Jon at 07:12 PM