February 10, 2005

This Is a Good Thing

Anybody think tort reform would have stood a chance with Vice President Edwards in da (White) House?

The Senate voted overwhelmingly today to shift many class-action lawsuits from state courts to federal courts, handing President Bush and his supporters in the business world a major legislative triumph.

The 72-to-26 vote sends the bill to the House of Representatives, where it will probably be quickly passed and sped on its way to the desk of the president, who is eager to sign it.

Passage in the House seems assured, since that chamber overwhelmingly endorsed similar legislation last year, before it stalled in the Senate. This time, though, the idea was backed by enough senators, Democrats as well as Republicans, that passage was not in doubt.

Please keep misunderestimating President Bush.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 10, 2005 07:55 PM