January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

And here are my best wishes for my little corner of the blogosphere:

Matt “Blackfive” - The Paratrooper of Love: A steak and Johnny Walker Black followed by a fine cigar.

Tim Blair: All the readers Margo Kingston has but doesn’t deserve.

Jim Bowen: Approval from the NRC for the construction of a bunch of nuclear reactors.

Mark Byron: A correct hyperlink at Instapundit.

Michele Catalano: Larger victories.

Scott Chaffin: A seat at the final table with four of a kind when someone else is holding a full boat on the flop.

Richard Cohen: A freaking clue.

John Cole: More readers.

Will Collier: Something better than the BCS.

Conrad: Another Girl Friday, or a working hyperlink.

Susanna Cornett: The opportunities to use her education in a professionally and financially rewarding manner.

Steven Den Beste: Life, health and happiness.

Martin Devon: More opportunities to enjoy the sunset from his patio.

Maureen Dowd: A return to inventive invective in place of her rapidly deteriorating prose which has declined to the level of a 7th grade playground.

Dean Esmay: The strength to persevere through difficult challenges and prosper.

fad (name hidden to protect the innocent): Resolution to his issues with the state bureaucracy.

Frank Fleming: Enough wall space to hang his monkey pelts.

Rich Galen: Frank Rich’s spot on the NY Times’ Op-Ed page.

Jeff Goldstein: The hardest nipples in the universe, or the correct medication to control his intermittent multiple personality disorder -- not the pills behind the sofa cushions.

Stephen Green: A working DSL connection.

Jim Hake: More donations.

Andrea Harris: A better job, better apartment, and all the filthy lucre my webmistress deserves.

Dodd Harris: A complete Republican takeover of the Bluegrass state.

Heather Havrilesky: Cialis.

John Hawkins: A lasting GOP hegemony.

Lawrence Haws: A return of the NHL.

Greg Hlatky: Best in Show.

Bill Hobbs: Mad props from the pajama-haters.

Joanne Jacobs: “School Work: How Two Grumpy Optimists Built a Successful Charter School” becomes #1 on Amazon.com.

Jeff Jarvis: More electronic toys.

John (Barcelona): The energy to keep up the good fight in Espana.

Charles Johnson: A letter from CAIR saying he’s been right all along.

Christopher Johnson: An Episcopal Church return to first principles.

James Joyner: Escape velocity from the Beltway.

Chris Kanis: A healthy back.

Kathy Kinsley: More notice for the Bellicose Women’s Brigade.

Scott Koenig: The media attention his efforts merit.

Ken Layne: Peaceful, respectful coexistence with the denizens of Jesusland, and commercial success for him and the Corvids.

James Lileks: More caffeine for his muse.

Kieran Lyons: More time to blog.

Dr. Manhattan: A return to the World Series by the Yankees (where they lose to the Cubs).

Jay Manifold: A repaired Hubble Space Telescope.

Eric McErlain: A return of the NHL and D.C. baseball.

Kevin McGehee: Many more readers.

H.D. Miller: Comfortable shoes.

Emperor Misha: Less strife on all fronts.

Chris Muir: Syndication and more syndication.

Robert Musil: A much wider readership.

Chuck Myguts: A worldwide appreciation of redneck culture.

Juliette Ochieng: A truly great job.

Terry Oglesby: Fear the possum.

Suman Palit: Happy hunting.

Damian Penny: A growing, successful practice and great weather.

Lynxx Pherrett: Happy hunting.

Frank Portman: Have MTX show up on a lot more playlists.

Bill Quick: The comfortable and comforting realization that he has a lot more friends and colleagues in the blogosphere than he knows.

Glenn Reynolds: Time, he seems to already have everything else.

Rich: More readers.

Fritz Schrank: Fear the blue hen.

Donald Sensing: A safe return of his son when his mission is complete.

Stefan Sharkansky: A fair election for Governor.

Laurence Simon: A self-cleaning litterbox.

Roger L. Simon: An Oscar.

Rob Smith: Revenge.

Elizabeth Spiers: Formal certification as a professional dilettante.

Mark Steyn: An extra dimension to share more of his writing with us.

Andrew Sullivan: Health and consistency.

Mac Thomason: Patience with those of us less enlightened.

Kim du Toit: A warm gun.

Tanya (I know she doesn't want me to use her last name): Grass and fewer encounters with hoosiers.

Michael Totten: Have his old friends come around to his way of thinking.

Jim Treacher: To be funnier than Margaret Cho -- no wait, he's already got that.

Marc Velazquez: More taters.

Dr. Weevil (I know his name, but I'm not sure I have permission to use it): Tenure.

Matt Welch: A great gig.

Bill Whittle: "Silent America" reeaches #1 on the NY Times Nonfiction Bestseller list.

I'll add to this intermittently as I discover that I've inadvertently left someone out.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 1, 2005 01:24 PM

Happy New Year! I have a new diary, by the way. Twisted Spinster has retired to raise cockatoos and finches in her mountain lair.

Edit update: and I apparently have already forgotten how to write html.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 01:57 PM

Happy New Year!

Posted by: michele at 07:47 PM

And my Christmas morning continues -- of course, it started after the polls closed on Election Day...

Thanks, Charles! And to you I wish one of each of the good things you're wishing.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:16 PM

And thank you for the great blog!
Wishing you a wonderful 2005

Posted by: Fausta at 09:47 AM

I'll take that*, final table or not. As long as it's a well-heeled table.

Happy New Years to yall, too, chief. May you continue to find fewer and fewer reasons to bother with this blog, no matter how much we miss you. I envy your restraint.

* Happened TWICE last week at the lawyerly home game, BTW...wasn't in either hand, thank heavens.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 05:52 PM

Mmmmm, taters!

If I could be so bold as to wish something for both us, it would be a return to the glory days for the Monsters of the Midway, the team that Halas built, our beloved Chicago Bears. Since that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, guess you can cheer for the Rams to pull a Carolina and sneak into the Superbowl.

Posted by: MarcV at 02:04 PM

Patience? Where's the payoff in that?


Posted by: Mac Thomason at 03:38 PM

Can I have the cash equivalent instead? ;^)

Posted by: Jay Manifold at 09:34 PM

That takes care of the hard part. Now I just have to raise a few billion bucks. I guess I'll have to put in a tip jar.

Posted by: J Bowen at 08:21 AM