December 22, 2004

Homer Nods

Paris insists no ransom paid

Even without reading it, I'm more likely to believe that this story is about a newly discovered addendum to The Iliad, or even about the magnificence of Orlando Bloom's heretofore unrecognized acting skills, than about the French Government telling the truth about the release of two French journalists. But that's just me.

Posted by Charles Austin at December 22, 2004 05:44 PM

Whoever this site belongs to should contact me regarding one of the articles. I'll explain why then.

Posted by: Simon at 11:23 PM

Merry Christmas, Charles!

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 02:01 PM

And I thought it referred to that daffy blonde and her missing chihuahua.

Merry Christmas, Charles.

Posted by: Tanya at 04:09 PM