December 22, 2004

Fantasy Football

Oh yeah, another reason why blogging has been light...

I am in thirteen fantasy football leagues this year, which is way, way too many. Eleven of them are ESPN leagues, and I made the playoffs in eight of them. I am now in the finals of all eight of them as well. In one of the other leagues, I made the playoffs but havenow been eliminated. Que sera sera.
In the most important league, a keeper league which I have been part of now for thirteen years, we are down to the final four, and yes, I am still in it. I will spare you all the details... for now.

In related news, I think Terrell Owens may be the most talented, unsportsmanlike asshole in the NFL, but I'm still sorry to see him hurt. Especially because we now won't get to see Andy Reid in tights. Well, there's always next year. I hate to see anyone physically hurt. Which brings me to Robert Ferguson and DD. A brutal hit that was unnecessary, but I don't think DD was trying to paralyze him. Safeties do look to inflict punishment, that's a fact of the NFL. But punishment and injury are two different things. It is easy to forget how fast everything happens in the NFL.

Anyway, I get to watch the greatest show on turf here in St. Louis and the three ring circus that is Mike Martz. Lucky me.

Posted by Charles Austin at December 22, 2004 04:09 PM