December 22, 2004

Poisoning the Well

Cementing into place a policy started by Al Gore four years ago, perhaps the new Democrat Party motto is: One person, one vote, ... recounts until we win.

Gee, if Christine Gregoire wins on the third recount, I can't wait for the frothing spittle-flecked retorts from the Angry Left should Dino Rossi start questioning the process and motives of all those engaged, drop hints about illicit votes and illegal voters, accuse his opponents of stealing and suppressing votes, and..., wait for it..., demand his first recount!

Posted by Charles Austin at December 22, 2004 01:10 PM

Republicans should not roll over and take this. Rossi won the count, the first and then the second recount. That's three countings of the ballots. 3. And Democrats expect that a single count, that gives the election to their candidate should be inviolable? That questioning THIS recount is wrong?

Fight it. Fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. Democrats must be stopped from doing this.

Posted by: jack at 10:27 AM