November 12, 2004

The Realignment is Real

The latest vote totals from the election are as follows:


This isn't exactly news, but after doing some analysis I discovered a couple of very interesting things that will greatly trouble the Angry Left. I looked at the difference in votes in each of the states and noticed two trends that would seem to indicate that the election wasn't close at all and, in fact, may not be close again any time soon.

First of all, look at the states either candidate won by at least 10%:


Then look at the states where either candidate won by less than 5%:


These numbers indicate that the red states are very, very red, and that there aren't many red states where great efforts will have to be extended to keep them red; whereas, the blue states are fewer in number and not secure at all. I have to admit that I expected this to be true before I started crunching the numbers, but I was surprised at the strength of the Republican's hold on the red states vice the Democrat's hold on the blue states.

Maybe this is why nobody is leaping forward to take on the hopeless task of Democrat Party Chairman.

(The spreadsheet that was used to generate the numbers above is too large to display here, but it is rather simple. I can probably mail it to anyone that is interested in it. Oh yeah, I bitched about Washington, D.C., being considered a state in an earlier post, but it is the easiest way to deal with it in this context.)

Posted by Charles Austin at November 12, 2004 06:03 PM