November 03, 2004

And So, CBS Sucked It?

Time to buy a clue:

Bloggers blew it

Or so says the headline on a CBS Marketwatch story written by Fred Barnarko that wants to lump all bloggers together and condemn them because Matt Drudge posted the early exit poll numbers and they then propogated throughout some parts of the blogosphere. Well, aside from Matt Drudge not being a blogger as I understand the term, a lack of appreciation for how the blogosphere links and spreads information, and giving the exit pollers a pass for being so egregiously, and conveniently, wrong, I suppose he has a point.

But before you swallow this insightful analysis competely, consider this additional wisdom buried within:

The biggest Election Day winner was The number of Tuesday visitors to the site was nearly 1 million, according to an analysis by comScore Networks.

I don't know who comScore is, but Drudge said he got over 36,000,000 hits yesterday, which only makes Mr. Barnako's numbers off by approximately 3500%. Hey, maybe that's better than average at CBS. But I think the big winner yesterday was President George W. Bush, even if the journalists at CBS have trouble actually saying it.

Oh, and the sub-headline on this tale read:

Commentary: Much posting, little impact

So, I guess we all have something in common, eh Mr. Barnako?

Posted by Charles Austin at November 3, 2004 01:21 PM