October 24, 2004

Why Kerry's Preoccupation With Vietnam Worries Me

John Kerry cannot stop talking about Vietnam. It is clear that Vietnam weighs heavily on his mind and that his experiences there and afterward have influenced him tremendously. There is nothing inherently bad about that, but, alas, like so many, I am afraid that John Kerry learned the wrong lessons from Vietnam. That John Kerry and the Democratic Party see the War in Iraq as another Vietnam is beyond dispute as he and his allies continue to call it a quagmire, a mistake, wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, etc. All of which leads to what really worries me. If Iraq is Vietnam all over again then I expect John Kerry to come up with the same solution to Iraq that we had in Vietnam, i.e., to declare victory and leave.

That, my friends, is one of the primary reasons why I try so hard to convince folks to vote for George W. Bush. The false hope I've seen so many invest in John Kerry that when elected he'll do the right thing is another perfect example of the triumph of hope over experience. Everything in John Kerry's past indicates that he will cut and run in Iraq since not only is America wrong, but in John Kerry's opinion America can never be right, unless, of course, we have the approval of the hopelessly corrupt UN.

It is profoundly disturbing to me that John Kerry, who has been more wrong, more often, on the foreign policy issues of the last thirty years than anyone is taken as a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States of America. And people banking on him suddenly changing course just because he becomes president are either naive fools or inveterate liars.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 24, 2004 12:47 PM

Remember the awful Demo Convention in Boston, where our battle-hardened warrior declared, "I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty!" Mark Steyn wrote something like, "Given that the man is a self-confessed war criminal, the audience should have dived for cover." Perfect!

Honestly, someone in the man's campaign should have physically restrained his right arm a long time ago so he couldn't keep saluting at every available inopportune moment. And so he couldn't start throwing a baseball every time he steps onto the tarmac, just so he can pretend to be a "regular guy."

The guy's creepy for a lot of reasons, including his transparent phoniness. But the Vietnam obsession is downright scary.

Posted by: Butch at 08:04 PM

Butch -
He HAS to keep bringing up Vietnam, it's about the ONLY thing that he's done - unless keeping a chair warm in the Senate for 20 years means something. His 20 years in the Senate has produced the most lukewarm record that they (his campaign) HAD to find something for him to run on. Granted, he messed up the Vietnam experience too, but it boiled down to they had to try to find SOMETHING. Which is why 90% of his campaign is just complaining about Bush.

Posted by: Michael_the_Archangel at 12:07 PM