October 23, 2004

World Series Game 1 Random Thoughts

Wow. It was 3-0 when I left for Team America: World Police. I expected the game to be over when I got home.

Does every game in baseball now have to take at least four hours?

Picking it up in the 7th inning.

Kelly Clarkson really isn't very good.

Why wasn't Pujols or the pitcher covering first on Manny's hit?

Manny Ramirez really screwed up the first time. I also think Marquis was out at home. I don't think, like Tim McCarver, that it was a good call at all.

The second time Manny tried to slide to make the catch and his cleat caught which threw him off terribly. I'm surprised he wasn't injured, but more surprised this hasn't been mentioned by Joe Buck or Tim McCarver. Manny's second mistake is still an error but it is a hell of a lot more understandable and not nearly as goofy as Jason Marquis tripping over a pebble. Maybe it was the same pebble the ball that hit Tony Womack bounced off of.

Back to 9-9.

And now Renteria makes an error.

And now it's 11-9, with the bottom of St. Louis' order coming up in the 9th.

It may make for good ratings, but it ain't good baseball.

Red Sox up 1-0.

By the way, anybody see a problem with this image?

12 to 9.bmp

Don't they have software that does this, or do they actually have someone putting the totals in separately?

Well, I hope no one dies in Boston tonight. If the Red Sox win, what do you want to bet John Kerry tries to hone in on, or even preempt, the President's congratulatory call?

Posted by Charles Austin at October 23, 2004 11:57 PM

I thought it was dead obvious that Manny's knee dug into the turf while trying to slide...it durn near flipped him over. I was really surprised that he wasn't hurt, what with all the momentum from that big old body of his. He got a raw deal from Buck/McCarver for not pointing that out. Yeah, it was an error, but I bet a hundred bucks that he hit a seam in some new sod. That's got to be the only green grass in Mass. right now.

Marquis cracked me up, but I did think he beat the throw by about a picosecond. Regardless, it really makes you appreciate the umps and the job they do. Now, don't tell anyone I said that, OK?

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 11:41 AM