October 15, 2004

I Promise

I promise to never, ever again believe that I have seen the worst from John Kerry:

There is a "great potential of a draft" to replenish U.S. forces in Iraq if President Bush wins a second term, Democratic challenger John Kerry said in an Iowa newspaper interview published Friday.

On one hand, this level of mendacity is heartening because it indicates how desperate he is becoming. The internal poll results must have become brutal. On the other hand, if he does win with disgracefully wicked lies like this, I expect the electoral process in our great country to only become further degraded until it has been destroyed. My God, I only hope there is someone other than Zell on the other side of the aisle to call him out on this.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 15, 2004 03:41 PM

I've noticed that a lot of weird things happen when Democrats speak in Iowa.

Edwards' "healing" speech of last week, Kerry's pretending to smoke a joint during the song Puff the Magic Dragon and Kerry's statement that he believes life begins at conception but he still supports abortion. The Dean scream... happened in Iowa. There are more, but I can't recall them all just now and the Red Sox-Yankees game is about to start so I don't have time to look them up.

I know they speak a lot in Iowa because it has the first in the nation caucus and it's a swing state, but it still seems like Iowa has more than it's share of weird times.

Posted by: Lawrence at 08:06 PM

Tell me that you did not just wake up to the fact that JF'nK is the most hideous opportunist? And he's losing?

And you're thinking that some Dems other than Zell are going to help enlighten the American public about that? Well I'm represented by Sanders, Leahy, and Jeffords; so don't look for any help in this neck of the woods.

Posted by: Helen W at 08:12 PM

The problem for America is that those who like Kerry loved Bubba Dropdrawers even more. To them it meant nothing to lie under oath to a grand jury---or, in Kerry's case, lie under oath to the Senate in 1971 when Le Gigolo claimed he personally witnessed war atrocities being committed.

These addled selfish children of the left seriously don't care if they're lied to. To them all that matters is, to the victors go the spoils.

Posted by: weaselteeth at 02:55 PM