September 24, 2004

Oh Yeah, That'll Work

Alex, I'll buy a clue for $500:

One-time pop sensation Sinead O'Connor was back in the news Friday -- by taking out a full-page ad pleading for people to stop making fun of her.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 24, 2004 01:31 PM

"If ye wrote about Bono like you wrote about me, he'd kick your asses," she wrote."

Ya he would! The new U2 single Vertigo kicks ass!

Go download it Charles!

Posted by: mark at 04:39 PM

People are still talking about Sinead O'Connor? That's news to me.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 09:04 PM

Sure, the best way to get people to stop making fun of you is to take out a "full-page ad" printing your "2,000-word" whinefest.

Posted by: Lynxx Pherrett at 05:20 AM

Maybe she could go on tour with Cat Stevens. At 4'11", just exactly whose ass is Bono going to kick?

Posted by: curtis kreutzberg at 01:55 PM