September 15, 2004

Edward R. Murrow Would Be So Proud (cont.)

CBS News: The facts be damned, we're after the truth!


The editorial content of the report was not based solely on the physical documents, but also on numerous credible sources who supported what the documents said.

Through all of the frenzied debate of the past week, the basic content of the 60 MINUTES Wednesday report - that President Bush received preferential treatment to gain entrance to the Texas Air National Guard and that he may not have fulfilled all of the requirements -- has not been substantially challenged.

CBS News will make every effort to resolve the contradictions and answer the unanswered questions about the documents and will continue to report on all aspects of the story.

In other news, chocolate rations have been raised from four grams to three grams.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 15, 2004 09:10 PM

Yeah, but it's that Victory chocolate....

Posted by: jacj at 10:25 AM

See, I can't even spell my own name...but I try, I try.

We've hit the lunacy point far sooner that I'd have expected(I was thinking about October 15th). It's just gonna get weirder from this point on.

Posted by: jack at 10:29 AM