September 11, 2004

Go Ahead, Make My Day

A volunteer canvassing my neighborhood with a detailed list of addresses came to my door today, handed me a pamphlet and told me he lived in Kirkwood -- as do I. He then asked me to vote for someone, can't remember who, because today was the one year anniversary of the vote State Senator Gibbons made to allow concealed carry in Missouri. I told him that I have a concealed carry license. (As it happens, I don't -- yet.)

His look was priceless.

I handed him his pamphlet back, he spun on his heels and walked away. Oh, and I will, of course, be voting to re-elect State Senator Gibbons on November 2.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 11, 2004 01:40 PM


Posted by: Martin Devon at 04:40 AM

Beautiful - but you messed up one thing: You should've kept the pamphlet. Always, always, always take campaign literature and other giveaways from your political opponents - they have to pay for every one they print, regardless of who takes it.

Little things add up, CWA.

Posted by: Dodd at 12:08 PM