September 10, 2004


Pride goeth before a fall:

In addition, the documents are backed up not only by independent handwriting and forensic document experts but by sources familiar with their content. Contrary to some rumors, no internal investigation is underway at CBS News nor is one planned. We have complete confidence in our reporting and will continue to pursue the story.

Doesn't this sound an awful lot like:

I don't fall down. That sonofabitch ran into me.

Amazing, really. Not even a "we're looking into it" or "we will prove our sources our good" but mostly a "we don't make mistakes."

Posted by Charles Austin at September 10, 2004 07:42 PM

I'm suprised that the th combo in goeth is not a superscript. Prof Austin you need to dust off that trusty Selectric that runs Word69.

Posted by: Bill at 10:54 PM