September 07, 2004


So, according to John F. Kerry, "W stands for Wrong."

Ok, what does F stand for? Fluid? Farouche? Fiasco? Feckless? Facile? Frivilous? Fulminating? Funky? Feigned? Forlorn? Fracted? Figment? Fickle? Frazzled? Flake? Flighty? Frantic? Fetid? Faint-hearted? Faisandé? Fitful? Frothy? Flappable? Flaccid? Fodder? Faux-pas? Froideur? Farsical? Fatuous? Fuliginous? Feeble? Frustrating? Fictitious? Fudged? Flinch? Flibbertigibbet? Fakir? Fantaisiste? Flotsam? Flustered? Fogbound? Fool? Freakish? Fussbudget? Fop? Francophile? Fraud? Fretful? Frigid? Or with respect to his presidential campaign, felo-de-se?

Have I missed any, aside from the profane and gratuitously offensive?

Posted by Charles Austin at September 7, 2004 01:26 PM

Tu peux dire "Fromage"?

Posted by: Bruce at 02:11 PM

You forgot,

Posted by: gwen at 02:16 PM

I'm about to come back too - so - maybe we should do another Blogger Bash?

Posted by: James Durbin at 02:35 PM

French toast.

Posted by: BarCodeKing at 03:13 PM


Posted by: Andrea Harris at 08:22 PM

I'm happy you're back.

Posted by: carol at 09:56 PM

Fuhgeddaboudit! (Especially effective if delivered by Guiliani)

Posted by: Gerry at 05:54 AM


Failure to use sound judgement in recognizing and being steadFast in meeting and overcoming an enemy.

Failure to let people take back some of their hard-earned money.

Failure to be honest with his Vietnam record.

Posted by: MarcV at 02:30 PM