September 06, 2004

Meet the Depressed

Anybody watch Meet the Press yesterday? Here's what I took away from it:

Tim Russert continues to be overrated as an interviewer.

Bob Graham seemed to be giving out information better left unsaid, as well as having some rather unusual ideas about intelligence and its uses. Thank God he won't ever be president.

Pat Buchanan couldn't get the time of day from Tim Russert, unless, of course, he wants to bash President George W. Bush. See, we cover both sides of the issue here at Meet the Press, people who hate President George W. Bush from the right and people who hate President George W. Bush from the left.

Can there possibly be anything more indicative of the utter worthlessness of political flacks getting airtime than seeing Mary Matalin and James Carville each making faces while the other gave rote responses to every question?

Posted by Charles Austin at September 6, 2004 05:28 PM

You know, my life may suck at times, but at least I can truthfully say that I've never watched Meet the Press. Is Tim Russert that guy who looks like he was rejected at the auditions for the Hamsterdance?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 08:29 PM

On the other hand of Meet the Press, I thought Newt Gingrich was spectacular. I mean he was **splendid**: well very versed, very well spoken, very even toned, quite on point.

Posted by: Tim at 02:35 PM