September 06, 2004


Another hit on the Kerry as Dukakis meme..., remember Governor Dukakis' nomination acceptance speech?

Because this election isnít about ideology. Itís about competence.

I suppose Kerry might have to claim to be competent first, but wait, there's more in his next sentence!

Itís not about overthrowing governments in Central America. Itís about creating good jobs in middle America.

Substitute regimes sponsoring terrorism or harboring terrorists and the campaign themes from 1988 are eerily reminiscent. Brutal, just brutal.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 6, 2004 04:56 PM


Don't forget this overriding theme of the Duke's candidacy; "Good jobs at good wages". Of course it became obvious what Mikey meant in the waning days of his administration in Mass. when he was hiring his cronies into State Government at an alarming rate

Posted by: D at 11:38 AM