September 06, 2004

One Out of Three is Bad

From the New York Times:

Russian Rebels Had Precise Plan


The carefully planned slaughter of hundreds of children, a massacre of innocents mown down inside their school by zealots who bayoneted one when he asked for water and who blew others up or shot them in cold blood, is a monstrosity which has had a profound effect upon those who watched in horror as the tragedy unfolded.

The hellish images of murder, of screaming terror, of naked and starving children forced to eat the flowers they had brought to school or drink their own urine will surely serve to define our terrorised age. It is impossible to comprehend how human beings can behave like this to anyone, let alone to children.


Russian officials said authorities have determined that 10 of the 32 suicide attackers who took over a high school in Beslan in North Ossetia last week were nationals from several Arab countries. Most of the attackers were Chechens and Ingush who had been trained at Al Qaida camps in Afghanistan.

The 10 Arab nationals came from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria, officials said. They said security forces seized notebooks in Arabic in the school taken over by insurgents. Officials said survivors told authorities that some of the captors spoke Arabic during the three-day hostage ordeal.

Well, they did have a plan. The New York Times if no Meatloaf.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 6, 2004 04:34 PM