August 18, 2004

I Am Pissed Off -- Rant and Roll

Really. John Kerry and his supporters are trying to do everything they can to turn the War on Terrorism into Vietnam. Again. We are winning every battle, and much more decisively than in Vietnam, yet we are constantly told we are losing the peace, if not the actual war on terrorism, not to mention the goodwill of so many self-important, erstwhile allies. Like Uncle Walter (good riddance to a true tranzi), John Kerry wants to stand up and say, "this war is no longer winnable," and abandon the people of Iraq to thugs like Moqtada Al Sadr or the Mullahs of Iran. Having lived through and successfully played the part of anti-American war protestor to a position in the US Senate, John Kerry wants to do it all again as he seeks the highest office in the land -- and why not since it worked so well for him last time. Like any good coach, you keep running a play that works until the other team shows they can stop it.

I don't buy John Kerry's I-would-still-vote-for-the-Iraq-War-Resolution-even-if-there-aren't-any-WMDs crap. Everything else John Kerry says leads me to believe he will sacrifice our sovereignty to act and protect ourselves at the altar of transnational progressivism. Oh, and some kind words from France and the UN. I thought we learned from the Clinton years that character does matter when things get tough, and boy oh boy is John Kerry a character.

I am not all that pissed off that John Kerry and his fellow travelers are doing all this. Hells bells, I've come to expect that from them and long ago learned to put on protective geopolitical asbestos undergarments when engaging them. I am, however, pissed off that so many people are buying this dangerous charade and that the Fourth Estate is playing along, if not outright cheerleading. What are we supposed to think about the self-professed watchdog of our liberties when they so openly takes sides?

And another thing, the Liberation of Iraq was a great success, not a miserable failure no matter how many times the Angry Left says it. To say otherwise is to indicate a callous disregard for the people of Iraq who lived in terror under Saddam, as well as to display a shocking ignorance of history with respect to military campaigns. Sure it hasn't been perfect, but what is? The perfect remains the enemy of the good. Every time I read some article that pumps up John Kerry be quoting a poll that says something like 51% of the people believe President George W. Bush has mishandled Iraq, I want to slap the author upside the head and note that perhaps as many as 10% of us don't like President George W. Bush's handling of Iraq because he hasn't gone far enough nor fast enough. Do you really think we're going to vote for Kerry?

The War on Terrorism is becoming Vietnam in all its glorious ignominy. Or should that be ignominious glory? Watching the transmogrification of the Democratic Party from hating the Vietnam War and all those who fought in it to loving all those who fought in it, unless, of course, they don't like John Kerry, reminds me that Oceana has never been at war with Eastasia. And if John Kerry wins, my marginal tax rate will no doubt be decreased to 45%.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 18, 2004 12:49 PM