August 16, 2004

Is There An Alternative Radio Broadcast of the Olympics?

Can NBC please get rid of their primary announcer for men's gymnastics and find someone who will focus on the incredible feats the athletes are performing and the joy on their faces when they complete an excellent routine, rather than dwelling on the smallest mistakes and virtually wishing for mistakes from competitors not from the USA? It's about being the best, not being the least worst.

DOWNDATE: Oh, it's Al Trautwig, whose signature comment tonight was, "Damage assessment?" after one of the American athletes finished her floor routine. Congratulations Al, you're the biggest asshole at the Olympics since Jim Gray in Seoul.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 16, 2004 11:24 PM

At least they were quite during the routines last night. I can't stand Elfie "that's a tenth of point deduction" Shlagel.

I still can't believe the tumbling runs during the floor routines. It just isn't physically possible to do that.

Posted by: Kevin Murphy at 11:51 AM

Do what I do: turn on "mute" and put a music cd into the player.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 09:52 PM