August 13, 2004

New Math

Via Instapundit:

Hmm. 50 miles isn't that "near" -- it's about halfway to the coast.

If Cambodia is 100 miles from the coast of Vietnam where the Mekong Delta is and John Kerry estimated he was in Cambodia when he was in fact 50 miles away, then Mr. Kerry made a 100% math error in his recollection of where he "celebrated" Christmas in 1968. Gee, how many more things is John Kerry 100% wrong about?

Posted by Charles Austin at August 13, 2004 03:13 PM

Well, he also claimed that it was Christmas of 1968 when Nixon was in office. Nixon was NOT the president in Christmas 1968 - but remember, he would lead a more "sensitive" war.

Posted by: Michael_the_Archangel at 07:36 PM