June 02, 2004

What Liberal Media?

Dan Rather: simple-minded stooge or willful sycophantic shill?

Clinton, who flopped last year as a commentator for the CBS television news magazine, will discuss his upcoming book, "My Life," with newsman Dan Rather for an interview to be aired Sunday, June 20.

I find it amusing that they have to tell us that Dan Rather is a "newsman."

Posted by Charles Austin at June 2, 2004 12:51 PM

"I'll go with 'willful syncophantic shill,' Regis."

Posted by: Mike at 01:25 PM

If you get Harry Shearer's radio program 'Le Show' (or even if not -- it's available anytime at harryshearer.com), do not miss his occasional 'Bad Day at Black Rock' features.

Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Morley Safer ... they all show up (mostly 'Daniel' and 'Brother Wallace').

Posted by: old maltese at 04:00 PM