May 27, 2004

In the Tank

Think tank: Iraq diverted U.S. from major strategic threats

The United States has become preoccupied with the ongoing insurgency in Iraq, the The International Institute for Stategic Studies said.

As a result, the Bush administration is deeply divided over a strategy to contain the weapons of mass destruction arsenals of Iran and North Korea, the leading think tank concluded in an analysis..

Therefore, the report continued, the Bush administration has relayed considerable responsibility for efforts to curb Iranian and North Korean WMD to other countries. The IISS said Washington gave the European Union responsibility to negotiate with Iran while China was asked to deal with Pyongyang, Middle East Newsline reported.

So, everybody would have been happy campers if we had just liberated Iran or North Korea instead, right?

DOWNDATE: Post corrected for an obscure form of Arab-Persian dyslexia, thanks to Mr. Murphy.

Posted by Charles Austin at May 27, 2004 10:11 PM

your last line:

So, everybody would have been happy campers if we had just liberated Iraq or North Korea instead, right?

I think you meant Iran not Iraq. We did liberate Iraq.

Posted by: Sean Murphy at 02:58 AM

Perhaps this is one additional reason for holding to the June 30th date to turn over sovereignty to Iraq. It frees us up to address other "major strategic threats".

Posted by: Jon at 08:55 AM