May 26, 2004


We were perhaps one SCOTUS vote away from disaster in 2000:


Don't let it come to that this November 2, which, by the way, is my birthday. Can you guess what I'm wishing for?

Posted by Charles Austin at May 26, 2004 07:04 PM

Maybe that Howard Dean endorsement wasn't just trying to jump on the bandwagon; maybe he honestly admired the crazed nuttiness of Howard. I say that as someone who voted for Howard.

Posted by: Kevin "fun" Murphy at 07:13 PM

"Can you guess what I'm wishing for?"

A Kerry/Gore ticket?

Posted by: Julia at 12:09 AM

"I call on the President to fire Rumsfeld, and fire Wolfowitz, and Rice, and Powell, and Ashcroft! YEEEAAAAAAAGGGHH!"

Posted by: Mike at 08:14 AM

A Gore administration really would have been a disaster. He is a nutcase. Kerry isn't a nutcase, just a two-faced, power hungry, New England liberal. Kerry probably wouldn't be the disaster that Gore would have been, but it would still take a long time to clean up the mess he would create.

Posted by: Jon at 11:08 AM

Charles, I think you probably are wishing for low overhead, high profits...and to get lucky.

By the way, is Al yelling or yawning in the photo?

Posted by: vince at 07:57 PM

What's with the grease on his hair? Is this another new look? I'm completely serious when I say that I wonder if he doesn't have some type of personality disorder, where he keeps trying on new personas to find one that fits, rather than just being.

Posted by: susanna at 09:04 PM

Vince, all good things to wish for. I just assumed Al was doing his hilarious Monica impression for the crowd to get them warmed up for the main act. Say, that e-mail address doesn't seem to work.

Posted by: charles austin at 09:05 PM

Susanna, it really is a scary thought that an apparently deranged man might have been president. Remember how a lot of Democrats were quietly glad that Bush had won on 9/12? I wonder what they think today?

Posted by: charles austin at 09:14 PM

"Former VP Gore coughs up hairball during speech."

Posted by: Jon at 09:01 AM

caption: "ein volk! ein Reich! ein Deutchland!"

Posted by: Maquis at 04:29 PM