May 20, 2004

John Z. Kerry

Z for Zapatero:

United States Democrat John Kerry promised that, if elected president of the United States, he would pull virtually all American combat troops out of Iraq - away from the "death zone" - by the end of his first term.

Well, it worked so well for Espana. Perhaps Zappy is one of Johnny Z.'s unnamed foreign leaders that want Bush out. Is "death zone" the new DNC phrase of the week?

In an interview yesterday with AP reporters and editors, he also criticised President George W Bush for damaging relations with allies. There is so much strain in those relationships now, he said, that only a new president can repair them.

Or new Prime Ministers in France, Germany and Spain to start. Open your mind to different ideas Johnny Z, who by the way served in, well, you know:

The problem is most evident in Iraq, said Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War veteran. He promised to avert a quagmire, saying "it will not take long to do what is necessary" there.

Robyn Hitchock and The Man With the Lightbulb Head keep coming to mind at this point, with Johnny Z. after the election saying, "You're too late. I've come to turn UN. Bwahahahahaha!"

"It will not be like Vietnam," Kerry said. "I will get our troops home from Iraq with honour and with the interests of our country properly protected."

Sometimes I wonder if Johnny Z. realizes that you can only control your half of the problem (at most) by fiat. Bottom line is that Johnny Z. is a quitter and he wants to lead us to another "peace with honor" retreat. Speaking of peace with honor:

Republican Richard M Nixon used similar language during the 1968 presidential race, but the war in Vietnam dragged on for years after his election.

Hell's bells, the primary problem with the Vietnam War dragging on interminably was that we didn't fight it like a war -- sort of like Iraq and the "War" on Terrorism now.

Saying his goal would be achieved in his first term, Kerry explained: "Look, you may have some deployments of people for a long period of time in the Middle East depending on what the overall approach to the Middle East is. I'm not going to tell you we won't shift deployments from one place to another, but we're not going to be engaged in an active kind of death zone the way we are today."

First term? Getting a little ahead of yourself there aren't you Johnny Z.? But telling your enemies that you'll run away if they insist on killing people has to be the most immoral self-fulfilling prophecy I've heard for some time. So, how big are we going to let them make the "death zone"?

Kerry also said he is confident that if he becomes president, he could persuade countries that sat out the Iraq war to contribute peacekeepers.

Until the shooting starts in the ever expanding "death zone" anyway.

But he said he would not place US soldiers in Iraq under UN command, or under the command of another country.

Daddy, it's the man with the lightbulb head...

Posted by Charles Austin at May 20, 2004 10:08 AM

Pres. Bush should turn this around and call Iraq a "life zone": a better life for the average Iraqi, a more secure life for the US, and a chance for terrorists to change their lives before they lose them. He has made the push for a better life before, but by calling that area a life zone he can cut down Kerry.

There would be no honor for the hundreds of servicemen who gave their lives for the War on Terror if we cut and run without finishing the job. You'd think we would have learned that from Vietnam.

Posted by: MarcV at 01:20 PM

"But-- but Daddy -- it's you!"

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 12:09 AM