May 17, 2004

Yes? No?

KerryDaugter.jpg thong.jpg

Posted by Charles Austin at May 17, 2004 11:40 PM

Was Kerry's daughter attending the Bonies (adult film awards), or something?

Posted by: Haws at 07:49 AM

Uh, no. She looks too much like her dad. Oh... wait... what was the question?

Posted by: Jon at 10:05 AM

Just like a social elitist snob; thinking everyone wants to see her bony ass naked. What a stuck up attitude one must have to dress like that? Just like her daddy. What a ho. No morals.
Liberals disgust me.

Posted by: John K at 01:59 PM

With mom and step-mom worth close to a billion, she can't scounge up a bra? Didn't the servants show her how to use a checkcard or ATM?

Posted by: m at 03:43 PM

Based on this photo and explanation at, as pointed to by Bigwig, probably "no" to the title question, and it likely came as quite a surprise to her.

Posted by: Ed Flinn at 03:50 PM

Cripes. What in God's name is she doing?
This does not bode well for Democrats.
One picture like that will capture the voters
attention more than a hundred abu-garib pictures.
O Lord, here we go...

Posted by: Alexis at 05:09 PM