May 09, 2004


Don't you just know that the Angry Left is highly perturbed that there isn't even the hint of a coverup with the crimes at Abu Ghraib?

Posted by Charles Austin at May 9, 2004 08:39 PM

Yeah, but they're just going to talk about a coverup as if it exists, until everyone thinks that one does:

"My god, did you see that interview with Rumsfeld, where he admitted everything and showed all the photos?"

"Yeah! Most blatant display of obfuscation and lying under fire that I've ever seen! One of his thumbs was covering a two-millimter portion of the third photo! You just know that part is where we could see Bush holding out a plastic turkey for the soldier to beat the prisoner with!"

"Yeah! But we figured it out anyway!"

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 09:25 PM

Or that because the Army didn't loudly trumpet the incident, it's being "sat on".

Posted by: Patrick Chester at 11:43 AM

That still doesn't stop them from pushing it as a talking point every chance they can get.

Posted by: Gabriel at 04:19 PM