April 25, 2004

Juan F'n Wiliams

When they mentioned Pat Tillman this morning on Fox News' roundtable, Juan Williams threw out a line asking if Pat Tillman's beliefs or sacrifice was more like John Kerry than George Bush. I'm paraphrasing and we'll have to wait for the transcript for the exact wording, but this was the sense.

Unbelievable. Can't we honor Pat Tillman and his sacrifice without trying to score partisan political points?

I no longer have any respect for Juan F'n Williams.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 25, 2004 10:58 AM

Did you notice that Fred Barnes made approximately the same comment you did? I mean that politics should not be inserted into the discussion of Tillman.

Posted by: carol at 10:30 PM

Yes, I remember that. What I also thought of later was how wrong Juan's suggestion was, not just as a matter of etiquette, but considering how Tillman declined to talk about his service whereas Kerry won't shut up about it.

Posted by: charles austin at 11:15 PM

I lost respect long ago.

Posted by: Mike van Winkle at 10:16 AM