April 08, 2004

Our Loss

What the 9/11 Commission desperately needs is someone who was not and is not a politician, someone like Richard Feynman to cut through the posturing and bullshit like he did for the Rogers Commission.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 8, 2004 12:19 PM

Sadly, everyone is either a politician (or fancies himself to be one) or a political hack.

The only way to get anything like "detached professionalism" in a setting like this is to have a body of people like a "Professional Jury Corps" who are never exposed to TV, newspapers, magazines, the blogosphere.... Ignoramuses, in other words.

There are very few truly apolitical people out there.

Posted by: Russ at 08:53 PM

Actually, that comment could have just as easily been applied to the previous post, too.

Posted by: Russ at 08:55 PM

I miss Richard Feynman. I still remember when he did that thing with the O-rings. And I once watched a PBS special on Feynman's desire to visit Tuva, a little region in Siberia. Ooh look, something to add to my Amazon Wish List.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 09:55 PM