March 27, 2004

Podiatric Punditry

Tim Blair steps on the toes of a sensitive Lefty:

The leftish magazine Overland turns 50 this week. When Stephen Murray-Smith started the magazine, we still thought that argument could persuade and even change. But this week in his anniversary lecture and article, writer Barry Hill despairs: "The point is, everyone knows about it, and most of us feel - realistically - that we can do nothing as the Iron Heel of Corporate America treads where it wants." Exactly.

You know, if it's not the Iron Heel of Corporate America, it's John Ashcoft's Jackbooted Dissent Crushing Brigades stomping on the toes of the people to keep them down. But fear not! The Left will fight back with the Birkenstocks of Ex-Hippie Boomer Utopia and the Flip-Flops of John Kerry to counter the corns of compassionate conservatism and to apply a blissful balm to the bunions of brutality that result from Amerikkkan imperialism!

Personally, I think we should get into a shin-kicking contest with our friends on the left.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 27, 2004 06:05 PM

Long-keeping Kranon, the burgomaster, exiled that the unpaved folk had taken the fioricet away in revenge for the killing of Menes kitten

Posted by: yasmin at 10:41 AM