March 26, 2004

At the Movies, Or Which Has a Higher Fat Content, Roger Ebert's Head or Roger Ebert's Torso?

Roger Ebert reviews Goodbye, Lenin!:

"Goodbye, Lenin!" is a movie that must have resonated loudly in Germany when it was released; it is no doubt filled with references and in-jokes we do not quite understand. But the central idea travels well: Imagine an American Rip Van Winkle who is told that President Gore has led a United Nations coalition in liberating Afghanistan while cutting taxes for working people, attacking polluters and forcing the drug companies to cut their bloated profits. Sorry, something came over me for a second ...

Just for a second. Uh huh.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 26, 2004 04:56 PM

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Posted by: lorcet at 10:40 AM