March 25, 2004

D-lite (Republicans for Kerry)

Reading about Richard Clarke of late, with his firm positioning on both sides of the WoT issues of the day, I was wondering whom his mentor for that particular skill might be? Would it be fair to say he supported the Bush administration's approach to fighting terrorism before he opposed it.

It has been strange watching Big Media swallow Dick's recent assertions hook, line, and sinker, while there is abundant evidence that he is little more than an embittered civil servant with a selective memory, an axe to grind, and a book to sell. Frankly, I don't know which should be considered worse, sacrificing his credibility in a partisan effort to hurt President George W. Bush or inhibiting an effort to investigate and learn from the past for personal financial gain. Of course, it could be both, but I'm trying really hard not to impugn motives and limit my commentary to looking at the evidence objectively. Unfortunately, even discounting any partisan or financial motivations, there is so much contradictory information in Mr. Clarke's statements over the last few years that it is unequivocally true that he has been a bald-faced liar now or in the past, or both. Rather than try and sort out when he was being truthful, it is easier to just dismiss everything he says and hope the commission, and Big Media, will drop the partisanship and try to find out something that will be useful in the future for the WoT. You may say I'm a dreamer...

Taking that snippet from a song that is otherwise utopian tripe reminded me of its hauntingly successful use at the end of The Killing Fields, which I saw again recently. Compare Richard Clarke's apology to the TV cameras, I mean the 9/11 families, with Sydney Schanberg's apology to Dith Pran at the end of that movie. Then contrast Dith Pran's response with the response of some of the 9/11 family members. Incidentally, I wonder if any of these 9/11 family members are the same ones who reacted with such hostility to a couple of seconds of 9/11 footage in the Bush campaign videos. And I wonder if anyone in Big Media even cares to ask that question.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 25, 2004 04:13 PM