March 22, 2004

And 1

Regular readers, skip by this quick summary of recent seach engine hits.

Ok, you sad, pathetic bastards, is this what you were looking for?

Pussy Galore
James Bond
Dick Cheney
George Bush
Point shaving
Ice cream
Soil sample
2x4 studs
Hole in one
Teen angst
Deep blue sea
His hair was perfect
Spanky and Our Gang
Boob tube
All wet
Sliding into third base
To the showers
Put the biscuit in the basket
Hummers, Jeeps, and Mack Trucks
Naked ambition
Passion is no ordinary word
Matriculating with thespians
Julia Roberts is overrated
Shock the monkey
Barely adequate
Moral isn't the same as legal
Picture this
Free bird, yeah
Cockamamie ideas
Magic Johnson

Posted by Charles Austin at March 22, 2004 10:07 PM

And you said this blog was pointless...tut-tut, sir!

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at 05:22 PM