March 03, 2004

Word Association Football (Political, Natch)

Kennedy Gives Kerry His ‘Best and Brightest’: Dude, “Kennedy” and “Best and Brightest” remind me of …, um… , well…, let me think…, uh …, Robert McNamara! Fog of War! Rabbit Hole! Quagmire! Miserable Failure! and … wait for it … VIET NAM! What a coincidence that “Kerry” pops up here as well.

In other news, from Yahoo’s Political News from AP Section:

Kerry Begins to Select Running Mate: “Get me the Justice Department, Entertainment Division.” Remember the original, "I'll be back"? Now you really can only see it in reruns. May I suggest Ralph Nader?

Edwards Ends Pursuit of White House Bid: Back to snipe hunting.

Bush Re-Election Ads Focus on Past 3 Years: Whoa, that’s amazing. Of course Kerry election ads will focus on the past 3 years too, well, technically the past 3 years beginning 30 years ago.

Colorado Sen. Campbell Won’t Run Again: “Ben, now you're not running here nor there…,” I guess Kerry can take him off his list (see story above).

Posted by Charles Austin at March 3, 2004 04:12 PM