February 17, 2004

What If ...

John McCain had won the Republican nomination in 2000 and then the presidency in the general election? Virtually everyone except the DNC and a few elected Democrats are glad that Al Gore didn’t win in 2000, but what if it had been President McCain who got the report that two planes had just slammed into the WTC?

What would the cabinet look like?

How would the War on Terrorism have taken shape and been executed?

Would we have had steel tariffs? Or a massive new prescription drug benefit? Or a new immigration proposal on the table?

What would John Kerry be talking about, since Vietnam would presumably not be on the table?

I’ve always thought that perhaps the international community might have gone along with the War on Terrorism if Al Gore was President, just because the “right” people were leading the war, rather than the Right people. You really can’t blame President Bush for the intransigence of the UN, France, Germany, and Russia, if it is their hostility to him that motivates their actions. But how would it have all played out if it had been President McCain?

Posted by Charles Austin at February 17, 2004 11:21 PM