February 17, 2004

Speaking Of Martin Niemoller…

It may not be fair, but while I'm sure most Muslims would not consider carrying out an act of terrorism or directly support acts of terrorism, they haven’t exactly been breaking down the doors of the mosques to denounce it or actively fight it either. The behavior of Big Islam to date can easily generate the perception to those of us not in the Ummah that acts of terrorism don’t really matter so long as they are doing it to the infidels. Maybe it isn't this way at all, but how would I know? By reading the newspapers? Like I said, it may not be fair, but perception has this nasty habit of becoming reality.

I get the same feeling about John Kerry and the interminable Bush was AWOL nonsense. Sure, he’s made the obligatory request to stop it so he can once again appear to be above the fray, but he’s not really going to do much to inhibit it since he probably perceives that anything that hurts Bush helps him. Can anyone doubt that John Kerry is upset about the perception that Bush was AWOL, regardless of what the reality was?

Posted by Charles Austin at February 17, 2004 11:18 PM