February 04, 2004

If They Only Had a Brain

According to Drudge:

CBS announced today plans to enhance their ability to edit out any inappropriate and unexpected events from the Sunday, Feb. 8 broadcast of the "46th Annual Grammy Awards" on CBS.

Of course, this will virtually guarantee further boorish behavior since the "artists" know that their indiscretions won't really be exposed, so to speak, and yet they'll still get credit for being brave and bold, keeping it real, fresh, and on the edge. Jeez, this is so predictable you can't even chalk it up to unintended consequences. The only thing more predictable are the inevitable charges of censorship or squashing dissent when the delay is used to actually edit out something we aren't supposed to hear or see. Unless, of course, it is the correct kind of dissent squashing, like VH-1 editing out Hillary being booed, for instance.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 4, 2004 02:31 PM

They did the opposite for Howard Dean, than what they did for Hillary. The Media broadcast his voice and scream, minus all the room noise. (All this was show on the news sometime later). Even with his shouting he could barely be heard above the room he was in. I was never a Howard Dean supporter (Go Bush) but Dean was sunk for the wrong reasons.

Posted by: Rodney Dill at 09:25 PM

There should be no reason for any censorship. Why?

1)Last time I checked there was no corporate thug or fed making you watch television or even own one.

2) You are in complete control over what you see. As above there is no one to prevent you from unplugging your t.v., carrying out to the dumpster and chucking it away.

3) If you have children, you are responsible for what they see. CBS is not responsible, Janet Jackson is not responible, MTV is not responsible, the Grammys' committee or whoever are not responsible.

4) Anyone who is not both blind and deaf knows exactly how risque and raunchy even network t.v has become. It is not a surprise. The free range boob was not even out of character from the rest of the half time show and only marginally worse the jiggling and prancing cheerleaders that attend most sporting events.

If Americans were really so offended or worried about the t.v. they would stop buying t.v.s and stop watching programs they think are too sexy.

Posted by: j Swift at 04:01 PM