February 03, 2004

Stargazy Pie

Piling on... you gotta believe that Madonna is kicking herself for just not going farther at the MTV Video Awards with Britney and Christina. But Justin's hip hop, over the top attempt to bust a move on Janet's bust has to be seen as a bust given all the backpedalling by everyone involved to cover their butts when all they really had to do was cover her bust. Perhaps the glam slam of Jan's mammary was too low to go, especially in slo-mo on Tivo. Hmmm..., I wonder how their passion played in Peoria? Or Oberammergau for that matter -- this is the most watched TV event in the world every year, after all, except perhaps every fourth year when the World Cup Final is on. The race is now on for who will be forever remembered for displaying his or her genitalia first on national TV -- accidentally, of course. As Barney Fife used to say, you'd better nip it in the bud. Wise, or not so wise it may have been, or not been, for these soon to be has-beens. You know, if they had played the Super Bowl in the Astrodome, perhaps it wouldn't have been so nippy.

And now I must apologize for dragging Cornwall into this. But should you get the opportunity, I can highly recommend Cornwall, and especially Mousehole (pronounced Mowzul), where stargazy pie, immortalized in The Mousehole Cat, can still be found.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 3, 2004 10:47 AM

Nicole Gelinas has a choice essay on NRO today. Best line: "Let's be realistic: If all you're selling is sex, you'd better at least understand that your product has a shelf life."

Posted by: Jon at 11:38 AM

"nip it in the bud. Wise, or not.."

Nope. I never would've caught that. Of course you realize, I'll be reading all of your entries under a microscope from now on. That may not be a good thing. For either of us...

Posted by: Tanya at 07:52 PM